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EOS D400

Hinged manhole cover and hinged grating with gasket

ArticulaciónBloqueo antiretornoCerraduraMarco cuadradoPMRSoporte elastico


Casting manufactured in spheroidal-graphite cast iron (ductile cast iron) in accordance with the EN-1563 Standard.


Hinged cover with maximum opening range of 110º, safety blocking at 100º angle and removable from the frame at 90º. Anti-residue elastomeric gasket designed for stability and noise reduction. Self-locking fixation to better secure frame to pavement. Closing system with interlocking perimeter edge maximized by cover weight. Anti-slip surface. Opened by standard tools (crowbar, pick). Customization available.


Epoxy-polyester with a thickness of 100 microns, free of solvents compliant with the standard 199/13/CEE, black RAL-9004.

ModelCover dimensions (a) mmFrame dimensions (b) mmFrame height (h) mmClear opening (o) mmCertificatesTechnical information
31110 328 x 328 415 x 415100301 x 301AFNOR
31111 *424x424508x525100400x400AFNOR
31112 *524x538608x628100500x500AFNOR
31113 *624x638 708x737105600x600AFNOR
31114 724 x 737 808 x 844100700 x 700
31115 828 x 828908 x 954100800 x 800
51110 reja plana 328 x 328415 x 415 100100AFNOR
51111 reja plana *424x424 508x525 100 400x400AFNOR
51112 reja plana *524x538 608x628 100 500x500AFNOR
51113 reja plana *624x638 708x737105 600x600AFNOR
51114 reja plana 724 x 737 808 x 844100700 x 700
51115 reja plana 828 x 828908 x 954100800 x 800
* Locking system
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